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What Exercises Burn Belly Fat

What exercises burn belly fat. These exercises will engage your core and burn belly fat.


This exercise not only works your core but will also work your shoulders, chest, triceps, lats and even your quads. As burpees are an explosive plyomtetric movement they will also increase your heart rate.

How to do burpees: Stand with your feet should length appart and move your hips backwards as you move your lower body downwards towards the ground in a low squat position. After, put your hands on the ground outside your feet. Hop your feet backwards allowing your chest to touch the floor. Your body will be in a press-up position after this. Push from your hands against the floor and raise your body into a plank position.

Then jump your feet to just outside your hands so your are squatting a little bit like a frog. With your weight onto your heels, jump in an explosive fashion into the air. While jumping into the air raise your arms above your head. If you want to you can clap your hands over your head to signal the end of the movement. Don’t forget when you land bend your knees slightly to absorb the impact of landing. Repeat this move several times (at least 10 times for a set).

Mountain Climbers

A lot like the burpees exercise, mountain climbers are a plank exercise. This types of exercise are designed to target your core muscles. In addition to your core muscles they will also work a large range of the other muscles in your body. These muscle groups include your glutes, legs, triceps and your shoulders. They are a brilliant exercise when it comes to strengthening your core. They will allow you to really work out your entire core in a very dynamic way. They are a more effective workout exercise rather than crunches which on target part of your abdominal muscles.

How to do mountain climbers: Move your body into a high plank position placing your wrists directly under your shoulders, This looks like a press-up position. Don’t forget to keep your abs or known as your core muscles tight. To do this try to draw your belly button towards your spine. Drive your right knee towards your chest before bringing it back to the high plank position. After this movement raise you left knee towards your chest and then back into the high plank position. Repeat each part for 30 seconds to a minute before a brief rest period.


The sprawl is very basically a hyped up version of the burpee, almost like a burpee on steroids. It is a full body exercise that will work as many muscle groups as possible in a single exercise. Sprawls will burn calories while shaping and toning both your upper and lower body. It takes the traditional burpee to the next level by having your chest touch the ground, followed by a push up to the high plank position as you continue through the movement to complete the exercise.

How to do a sprawl: Standing with your feet shoulder-length appart, squat down to place your hands on the ground. Jump to move your feet backwards and move your body into the high plank position. Then lower your body down until your chest touches the ground. Push off of the ground similar to a press-up movement until your body is back into the high plank position. Follow this by jumping your feet back to just outside where your hands are positioned, leaving your body in a squat position.

After this push off your heels and stand back up. This is classed as one rep If you want to increase the effectiveness of this exercise to burn more calories and help to shape your body faster, you can add a jump at the end. In a similar way to the traditional burpee this will extend the move adding another part. Complete this exercise in sets of ten or twelve reps and then have a short rest period.

HIIT Training

While the traditional way of thinking is that steady state cardio is the best method for burning fat. We now know that fast paced cardio is much more effective at burning fat than the traditional way of thinking was. Studies suggest that doing a range of intensive exercises with short intervals in between is much more productive at fat burning.

HIIT workout: After completing a warm up of about 10 minutes, spend 30 seconds doing as much reps as possible of either squats or push-ups. Make sure to do these exercises correctly to reduce the risk of injury. If you have equipment available you can do kettle bell swings or single arm rows. After completing this then rest for 30 seconds, then do a different exercise for another 30 seconds. Continue to repeat these steps for 10 sets or rounds if you prefer. You can choose any of your favorite exercises to do within these sets. Make sure you alternate between different exercises to maximize the muscle groups you are working. Different exercises will allow different muscle groups to rest between use, to reduce the risk of injury.


These different exercises and workout were chosen because they require no equipment other that your body. They are designed to maximize the results you get fast. Try to exercise two to three times a week like this and remain as active as possible between workouts to improve results. Fat burning within the body can be further aid by a healthy and balanced diet. Using these two methods together will get results fast.

Regular physical activity will improve your muscle strength and help to boost your endurance. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your bodies various tissues and helps your cardiovascular system to work more effectively. If you wish to intensify any of the work outs in this session you can introduce equipment such as wrist and leg weights to help improve results.

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  1. These look like a great set of exercises to build up your core strength and burn excess fat. I love the idea that you can do them at home without any equipment or upgrade the pressure with hand and ankle weights. I was pleased to see that you recommended being cautious with your position so as to mitigate any injuries. It made me wonder if there are any easier but similar exercises for those of us who are much older and overweight? Is it possible to modify these exercises and exclude the jumps while still getting the benefits? This way I can work up to the exercises you described.

    A great review, I loved the explanation and pictures.

    1. Thank you for the review. Some really positive points.  I will get some exercises for beginners researched and publish them in a later post.

      Thank you again.

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