Smoothie Diet, Lose Weight Fast

If your got to most fast food restaurants or coffee shops, there is a good chance your will see a lot of smoothie options. Smoothies are becoming one of the most popular drinks options in the world today. Not only can your easily make up a smoothie recipe but your can also do it in a small amount of time.

It is this convenience that is making the smoothie such a popular option. This is especially for the individual that is looking for a meal on the go or maybe just a quick nutritious snack. Smoothies are also a really healthy and nutritious drink option. Despite this, your still need to be mindful of the ingredients your use as part of this smoothie option.

As smoothies have a good deal of health benefits, your may consider just adding them as part of your normal diet. In another case, your may want to change your regular diet all together. If this is your idea then your should start to look at creating a smoothie diet plan for yourself. In this case your will need to choose your smoothie menu wisely to suit your bodies nutritional needs.

The reasons behind this is that the ingredients that make up your smoothies will directly affect your nutritional and calorie.

What is a Smoothie Diet Plan?

The term smoothie merely refers to a blended drink, which has been prepared using such ingredients as vegetables and fruits. This means that a smoothie diet plan refers to crating a meal plan that involves smoothies.

These types of diet plans will require your to get some of your daily calories from these types of smoothie drinks. There are many different types of smoothie drinks, this means that the calories your body gets from each drink will differ from drink to drink. Remember to plan each smoothie drink to make sure your get the most benefit from your diet plan.

How to Create a Smoothie Diet Plan

Remember to take time and care when creating a smoothie diet plan instead of just implementing one that your found online. The advantage of doing your own smoothie diet plan is that your can cater the diet plan to suit your own individual needs. You can choose your own ingredients to suit your own taste. You also get to design the smoothie plan to suit your personal goals, that is to say plan it to suit its intended purpose.

  • Your intended goals

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to start a smoothie diet plan. An example for some is to increase their fruit and vegetable intake. For this reason the diet plan will include smoothies which are designed around these types of ingredients.

For some people weight loss is the goal for their smoothie plan diet. There will be more ingredients in this diet plan to promote weight loss. With that being said, be specific about what your want to achieve with your plan when determining the ingredients for your smoothie plan.

In a perfect world, we should not have to worry about the things we eat ant the effect it has on the body. Sadly, in the real world, what we eat greatly influences our body weight. You should be cautious when creating your smoothie diet plan and include ingredients that will help your to maintain a healthy body. Foods that will increase your body weight will also increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

To reduce the risk of these conditions, use healthy ingredients to prepare your smoothies.

Healthy Food Options for Smoothies

Healthy Fats

Fats help to increase your satiety levels. Healthy fats can be added to your smoothie recipes from fruits and vegetables such as chia seeds, avocado and peanut butter. Don’t forget to keep track of the fats your use as over usage can actually result in weight gain.


You will also need to add proteins to your smoothie recipes. Proteins will help with the weight loss process within your body. Protein sources for smoothies can be found in sources such as almonds, pea protein and unsweetened Greek yogurt.


A healthy smoothie will also contain trace amounts of carbohydrates. A reasonable target within a smoothie diet is about 15g of carbohydrates. To achieve this target your can use ingredients such as half a banana, a three quarter cup of blueberries or a half cup of granola.

Weight Loss

With regard to weight loss there are no quick fixes or short cuts. Weight loss will mean that your have to maintain a calorie deficit, eat healthy and exercise regularly. There is no one food or beverage that will get your instant results.

However, there are some beverages such as the weight loss smoothie that will help to support the required lifestyle changes to support weight loss. Many varieties of weight loss smoothie will tend to be a low calorie drink. If your are thinking about a low calorie smoothie diet plan then chose your smoothie recipes carefully.


You may think about starting a smoothie diet plan for many different reasons. It may be to lose weight, maintain a healthy body weight or even just to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables. What ever your reason is, always make sure to do your research and develope the smoothie diet plan to gain the best results. Smoothie diet plans are only design for a short duration of time.

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  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m going to pass this article on to my girlfriend as she would most certainly be interested in this. I dont need to lose weight but i absolutely love to drink fruit smoothies. Maybe i should concentrate on making weight gain smoothies to put some weight on.LOL

    1. Firstly I’d like to say thank you for reading the post.  I’m glad you enjoy smoothies. Personally I really enjoy them.  I hope your girlfriend finds the information helpful.

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